Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to post something. Life has been crazy this summer. Tracy was gone five out of seven days of the week for three months, and then he was gone for almost a month working on his and another graduate student's research. I worked A LOT and took on several projects at home and work. Whew!!

By the way, I was released from working with the young women in our ward. Yeah, I totally cried. (I can admit it. I know why they don't ask if we are willing to be released, because I would have said no. haha! JK) But I was called to be the Relief Society pianist, which will be a challenge for me. I have to practice and practice and practice to be good enough to have people sing to my playing. I feel that I've improved since this calling, and I know with practice, time, and confidence I'll only get better. So this new calling was really an answer to prayer.

Anyway, luckily school has started again, which means several things. Tracy will be home consistently again. Yay!! School supplies are super cheap. Yay!! College football dominates our TV on Saturdays. Semi-yay!

In the north, school starting would mean that fall is here or will soon be here. I love fall!! In College Station, Texas, there is no fall. No beautiful colors, no brisk, chilly weather, no hot chocolate. Just sweat and rain that tease me with temporary tolerable temperatures (alliteration was unintentional here, I promise) before they climb back up again with more horrible humidity (okay this alliteration was intentional). Eventually temperatures plummet to almost freezing, which slightly brings fall-like sensations. At least I get to have hot chocolate! Oh, I can't wait for that!

And this fall, I get a special treat. Kellee, my little sister, is coming to visit me!! I'm so excited! I've never had a visitor from the family stay with us before! She's coming in three weeks, but I've already got it all planned!

Isn't fall amazing?