Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfection for an Imperfect Couple

On July 14, 2007, I married Tracy David Wulf. Today is July 14, 2014. We have been married for 7 years.

Why is this anniversary so special? We were married on 7/14/07. Today is 7/14/14 and is our 7th anniversary. Seven and its multiples (or perhaps multiples in general--hehe) are a theme for us apparently.

Also, seven, in several religions, is considered the symbolic number of divine completion, holiness, and sanctification.

Now, I'm not saying that Tracy and I are perfect personally, nor has our marriage been perfect. But the longer we've been married, the better we seem to read each other, to read and address each other's needs, to love each other better, more selflessly. We are not done progressing, but I'm amazed how two imperfect individuals can become one and love each other completely.

It makes me wonder how we will grow by the time we reach our 14th anniversary (7/14/21).

The Wulf Pack: Created on July 14, 2007

7 years.
84 months.
364 weeks.
2,555 days.

4 moves.
2 college graduations.

3 major surgeries.
1.5 IVF cycles (long story).
2 little boys on the way...
1 happy couple

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wulf Cub Names

One of the fun parts of expecting a baby is choosing a name. Well, for some people it is. Not so much for us...

Three things you need to know when it comes to choosing boy names: my husband's name is Tracy, he is picky, and other kids can be really mean.

With these bits of information, it won't surprise you to learn that my husband can be sensitive when it comes to boy names. Any possibly gender-neutral names are immediately thrown off the table. If he has heard of one girl ever having the name or can even envision it turning into a girl's name in the future, he rejects it. If it's still a fairly new name, he vetoes it for fear that it will turn into a girl's name some day. Most of the time, when I suggest a name, Tracy shrugs and says he has to think about it--probably wondering how kids could mock it. Other kids are mean, and his name is Tracy. Enough said about that.

But it doesn't stop there. Our kids' names also can't have a W sound in it because "it will sound weird" with Wulf, as Tracy claims. He's not a fan of alliteration apparently.

When we were dating, my roommates wrote poems using our names, but overall it never really bothered me. Since we've been married, people have asked whether we will name our kids Casey, Stacy, Macie, and/or Gracie. NO. People already occasionally call me Tracy, and we aren't going to make the situation harder by adding more options to the mix. Obviously, any rhyming with our names will not even be considered.

Most expectant parents will admit that brainstorming names also brings up memories of people who have ruined certain names. I will not share which names fit into that category for us, but needless to say, the list of possible names is shrinking before we have started.

So I ask Tracy what names he likes. What does he suggest?

I swear the man is bipolar. He strongly opposes perfectly good names for sometimes small reasons, and then the man facetiously offers names like Harry or Gray. If we have a girl in the future, he jokes that we should name her Timber.

Harry Wulf. Gray Wulf. Timber Wulf. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Or he suggests Biblical names, but not the ones you'd usually think of. "How about Maher-shalal-hash-baz? We could call him Hash-baz for short. If it's good enough for Isaiah, it's good enough for me," he laughs.

Thanks, Tracy, you're a big help. This naming thing could be more difficult than I thought.

To be continued . . .