Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Work Videos

At work, because of my great bosses, who support trying new things, I have been able to participate in a lot of really fun and creative projects. I have learned how to direct, film, and edit video. It's not Golden Globe quality, but I'm still pretty proud of my work!

Feast your eyes.
Can these videos really make you laugh? Are those Geico commercials with that question guy funny? 

My friends are good sports. We filmed this during their day off from school.

This parody is my favorite. Diane did such a fabulous job, and I cracked myself up every time I worked on it.

Here is a video that isn't a parody. I filmed a visit from Texas A&M's own revered Reveille. When I watched the footage, I noticed that her mouth was moving when we had the podcast equipment around her. I thought, "Why, we could make a video podcast from Reveille about the UWC, by golly!" So we made one. I really liked how it turned out. Does her voice sound familiar or is it just me? Yes.

Reveille's Video Podcast

[Sorry that I couldn't imbed the video here, but I hope you still enjoy it.]

I'll let you know if I get nominated for any awards or what not. :)