Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Me?

I see I have followed the same pattern as I did with my journal in high school. I remember it every four weeks or so and try to come up with a concise way to sum up my life's events. Who wants to spend hours writing about a month of school, work, and (back then) boy concerns? Likewise, who would want to read all summary on a blog? No one.

But there are just a few things I should share. NEWS UPDATE: Tracy and I have had so much fun visiting family and friends in Arizona. I have definitely been blessed with amazing people in my life. Unfortunately, my sister, Karen, who is expecting twins, celebrated Christmas in the hospital and might celebrate Valentine's Day there as well. She and her babies are still healthy and the babies are growing in her, but her body is advancing toward delivery a little too fast. And then my sister-in-law had surgery this past week. She seems to be recovering well, but taking care of four kids will be a challenge when my brother has to go back to work. We'll do the best we can to help, but we all have to return to work soon too. Sheesh!

So, I say let's wipe Lacey's blog slate clean. Let's start over for 2011. I'll try my best to update and be clever as often as I can on my blog this coming year.

I haven't come up with my new, official resolutions yet, but I can report on my resolutions from last year.

1. Become more service oriented. This one is difficult to measure, and when is someone really done serving? Never, so this one must carry on through next year. But I feel that I have done more than I have in the past, so I feel that I can say I have improved in this goal. Yay!

2. Become more crafty. I have worked a lot on this one. Unfortunately, I give away all the things I work on before I take any pictures so I can't show them on here. Perhaps that can be my resolution for this year. Take more pictures!

3. Take better care of my body. (The typical goal.)Tracy and I have faithfully gone to the gym, and I have consciously added more vegetables to our meals. Otherwise, we still eat ice cream, cookies, and brownies basically at will. So, did we meet this goal? Mostly yes. At least we did quit in January like a lot of people.

I'll let you know what my new goals will be for 2011, but for now I am pretty pleased with my progress in 2010.

I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be an interesting and challenging year, but I'm excited for the ride!