Monday, January 30, 2012

Very Pinteresting

I usually don't jump on new website bandwagons. I have never been on Twitter or FourSquare, and I rarely check my LinkedIn account, although I probably should update and maintain that one . . . So it shocks me that I joined Pinterest so willingly and eagerly. Very pinteresting.

Warning: It's a time sponge. Watch the clock because it will jump an hour or two if you're not careful. Yes, I know from personal experience.

For those who don't know (first of all, where have you been?), Pinterest allows you to make an online collection of interesting things you can find on the internet. You "pin" (thus Pinterest) them to categorical boards to keep track of those sites. You can see what your friends from Facebook have pinned and repin what they have pinned. You can comment on their pins and they on yours. Basically it's a place to bookmark websites but more social. Pinterest provides different topics and areas of interest. When you click on those, you can see what anyone (not just your Facebook friends) has pinned. It is a very visually driven website: pictures of decorations, DIY projects, scenery, food, gift ideas, holiday activities for the kids, need I go on?

WARNING: As in all things, some people misuse this ability to share. The one thing I don't like about Pinterest: there are some pornographic photos on the photography tab. I don't want to start the whole pornography vs. art discussion (because I'm not completely opposed to nudity in tasteful art and and because I don't want to spend time defining what I consider tasteful art), but some of those photos are downright disgusting. All the tabs show pictures, but they have different topics (e.g. food, cars, decorations, health and fitness) and often don't show inappropriate content. All I'm is saying is BE CAREFUL with that tab!! There I'm done with my uncomfortable disclaimer. Now on to the fun stuff.

On the whole I really like Pinterest actually! The stereotypes about it so far seem to be completely true. Most of the people I see using it are women: moms, brides-to-be, artsy-fartsy girls, girls who wish they were artsy-fartsy, etc. Most of the pins I see are recipes, quotes, ideas for crafts and sewing projects, and examples of outfits. Yep, I'm one of them. So far I have tried three recipes (all great!) and found a million craft ideas I want to try. While writing this post, I have repinned several recipes. It makes me hungry looking at all these pictures of food and thinking about the recipes!

Tracy calls Pinterest a place for hoarding online. I don't consider myself a hoarder, but I think he would prefer that I hoard online rather than at home. I think if I don't waste too much time on Pinterest, it can be useful for me in finding and sharing ideas and keeping track of things I find Pinteresting.