Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Morning, Baltimore!

Earlier this month, I attended and presented at the International Writing Center Association/National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. All of the Texas A&M University Writing Center's presentations (all 6 or 7 of them) went really well, and personally I was extremely pleased with ours.

Here are some pictures of some of my presentation with mostly me talking. (Sorry that two of the pictures are so huge!) We talked about using different writing processes and different strengths within our writing processes to help writers improve their strengths.

Left to right: Marissa Doshi, Hannah Hardin, Jackie Johnson, and me.

I learned a lot from all the sessions I attended, and I had a ton of fun with the amazing people I work with. Now, I'll show you what I did in my free time!

Yes, I sang "Good Morning, Baltimore!" and other Hairspray songs while I was there. At first my plan was to get pictures that coincided with songs from the musical, but I quickly abandoned that idea. I don't want pictures of rats on the streets or bums at bar-room stools. Here is the only picture that I think I can link to the musical. Try to guess which song...
If you answered, "Miss Baltimore Crabs," congratulations! You are "SMRT."

So although Plan A fell through, I have plenty of pictures of the harbor and fun people!

There were a lot of really cool ships at the harbor.

This one is from Norway that just made port in Baltimore. What a pretty ship!
Front view of the Norwegian ship.
The platform leading onto the Norwegian ship. They had a Norwegian office guarding the entrance and answering questions about the ship.
This is my attempt at being photographically artistic. Still the Norwegian ship.
While we were walking around the harbor, one ship seemed to come out of nowhere and started squirting water towards the docks. They played Pirates of the Caribbean music, but once there was a break in the music, they all yelled, "Everybody say 'ARGH!'" We all yelled back, "ARGH!"

Another ship in the harbor.
We went to the harbor several times.

Yet another attempt at being artistic.
Megan Dorth, Hannah, and me.

There was a street performer right next to the harbor. He is balancing on two skateboards with the wheels facing each other, four plastic cups, a wood board, a pipe, and his trunk. AND, he is juggling a bowling ball, a machete, and a lit torch.

This is my attempt with artistic water photography. Meh.
Fall does exist somewhere!

Overall, I really, really enjoyed the conference and spending time with such awesome people. I bet you never thought writing center work could offer these kinds of perks!