Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hold Your Horses!!

Okay, so I dropped off the face of the blogging planet for a couple of months. Sorry, I'm back.

I don't know if anyone would remember when I posted my "Before I Die" list, but I stated that one of things I would like to do before I die is learn how to ride a horse comfortably.

I got a chance to practice a couple of months ago! My awesome boss has horses and invited all of us to come out to her place for a work party. She had a couple of her horses saddled up and ready to ride.

I didn't get up to a trot or gallop because the horse I rode is still being trained. They just wanted to make sure she didn't buck me off or try to run away with me on her back. I guess I can appreciate that. She said we can come back and ride whenever we want. I'm totally taking her up on that!

 Doc loves doing his favorite trick. Too bad we didn't have any treats to give him.

 This is Sunny, the horse I rode. She's still pretty young, but she's pretty sweet.
 Tracy enjoyed being around the horses too!

 This is Bug. He's the largest and the leader of the group.

I love horses!!!