Thursday, May 28, 2009

Washington Adventures

We really want to get as much done here before we leave for Texas. And believe me, we've done a lot!! Sorry, this one is long with lots of pictures.

We are excited to see the Wulfs.
This is mostly what our drive looked like. While it's somewhat boring, it's also pretty, huh?
Happy! And I'm trying out a new part in my hair. Like it?
We visited Palouse Falls again to hike around in better weather.

Tracy is dangerously (according to me) close to the edge. I hope he doesn't kill himself on geology field trips in the future.

Tracy on Pride Rock. (Because it sticks out--yes, I named it Pride Rock.) Too bad we don't have a kid so he could hold it up. But then again, I wouldn't want my baby hanging over a cliff. Nevermind.

Enjoying the sun and wind.
Tracy is in the background.
The shortest telephone pole ever.
The Wulfs' dog, Suzie, loves car rides.
Crates of apples. Lots of crates of apples. Well, it's Washington.
We tried to go to Mount St. Helens, but the road to it was closed, so we drove around on nauseating, twisty roads to hike somewhere else.
Want old news? We've got it here!
Shania and Dominic.
Jill and Idil.
Hahahaha!! My father-in-law is the only person I have met who can fall asleep faster than Tracy. And no, I didn't put that hat there. It fell off his head when he fell asleep.
We passed a little town that was hosting a big festival. You can find pretty much anything at those things.
The navigators come up with plan B--Multnoma Falls in western Washington.
The boys.
Happy to be out of the car.
The smaller waterfall was about seventy feet high. The larger waterfall was over five hundred feet high. HUGE!!!

A view of the Columbia River from the hike to the top of the falls.
After Tracy took this picture, about twelve other people had to do it. Yep, we're trendsetters.
I didn't realize my neck was so strained. Whoops! But that was a cute little bridge, and the water was really cold and refreshing.

The top of the five-hundred-foot waterfall. Don't look down!

Hahahahaha!! I laughed so hard when I heard Tracy's parents talking about this bridge. I thought it was joke. But no! I made Tracy pull over to get this picture.
Tracy is testing out his parents' bed. It is so comfortable. I slept all day and night on it when I got sick this past week. It can raise the head and feet. He had both maxed out, so he was sitting at a right angle. What a goof!!!
At the Kennewick Mall, they have art exhibit made out of canned goods.
Want fries with your burger and drink?
Happy nuclear plants. I know. It seems wrong.
Happy Memorial Day!!!

Although I am really looking forward to moving, I realize that Washington has some pretty cool things going for it.


  1. I'm so glad you got to travel Washington a little. That waterfall is amazing and it's good to see that someone else enjoys a quick nap as much as I do! I usually manage to keep my mouth closed, however! Mom

  2. Ok, the "Pride Rock" comment totally cracked me up. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Have fun driving, hehe.

  3. So fun that you got to see Washington some before you left. It looks beautiful! Now you get to tour another state for the next couple years. SO excited to see you soon!!!