Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have decided to carry on a family tradition--making fudge kisses!! I called Mom and asked for all her secrets and tips, had everything set out, and documented every second of this monumental occasion.

I wore the apron this high because I didn't want my sweater to get dirty. I didn't care about my pajama pants. It looks dorky, but it works.
This is me showing my apprehension... here we go!!
All the fudge is gone already!!! Just kidding. This is after I loaded up the kisses.
Even though this looks like crap, it's leftover fudge. Big difference.
Cooling fudge kisses. Sorry this one is oriented wrong. Just turn your head to the side.
In the end, I am pleased with the results. I think I did everything right, even though I made a mess when I poured fudge into the kiss molds. Not bad for my first time. Thus, the tradition is passed on to the next generation, and the circle of life continues.


  1. You are so good! I have not yet dared to venture into the fudge world. Maybe next year...

  2. I'm so proud! Grandma wants to try it too! I'll help when I go tomorrow to visit. I'm on my third batch here at home. We have too many darn friends that like our Kupfer Kisses.

  3. Do you need my address? I'll be checking the mail everyday until I get my share of this goodness. :)

  4. Oooh! Save one for me! I'll share in this deliciousness!