Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking Back . . . I'm Glad

I called my little sister yesterday, and she reminded me that this week marks one year since I stayed in the hospital for two weeks. When I look back on that experience, I'm surprised at clearly the details of that experience have stayed in my mind, which is a good thing since it has only been a year since it happened. This picture is from one of my better days, just after they took me off the IV fluids that made me gain 10 pounds.

I can actually laugh about the experience now. I laugh when I think about the time that I burst out in tears after swallowing my gum. I laugh when I think about the time that I was almost unnecessarily operated on (key word: ALMOST). I laugh when I think about the time that I apologized to the anesthesiologist who would be "breathing for me" for not having brushed my teeth for a few days. I laugh about how I had to breathe and attempt to laugh so it wouldn't hurt me after someone told a joke or I watched a funny movie.

I always think of that experience when I think of a trial that truly humbled me. I'll admit I could, and should, have endured it better. I cried, wished, hoped, prayed to be delivered from that pain, frustration, and suffering, but I wasn't. I was required to experience more physical pain than I have ever felt before. I took weeks to recover fully from my surgery and all complications at the hospital.

But I know that I received strength enough to get through it. I had my family to help me. I know that people prayed for me. I know that God was there for me even though I might not have seen immediate results. I hope I have learned more patience and faith. I have learned to trust in God and His plan and learned that we are never truly alone.


  1. its funny how sometimes in the situation its freakin scary but later you think why was a so freaked out. i'm glad you can laugh about everything now, and that its something you don't have to worry about anymore. :)

  2. Those two weeks are pretty darn tough. I remember them well. I think you came through it very nicely. Everytime we remember Michael Jackson's death, we will remember, on that same day, the death of your appendix. Long live the rest of your good parts!!