Monday, March 21, 2011

A Buffet of Laughter

Tracy got back from his exhausting ten-day trip in Washington state on Tuesday. For the last five days he was there, he got a total of eleven hours of sleep.

Eleven hours of sleep for five days . . .

Basically: two-hour time change+tedious thesis work=one tired Tracy

He slept for sixteen hours on Wednesday and twelve hours on Thursday. Even today, Monday, he is still adjusting to our normal schedule.

We wanted to go out to eat to celebrate another milestone in his thesis work (and to avoid cooking). Tracy sometimes likes going to buffet places like Golden Corral because he can have all the kinds of meat he wants. (Plus, the Golden Corral here has Bluebell ice cream--Yum!!) They are not our favorite places to eat, but every once in a great while it's not bad. Tracy chose Golden Corral this time.

So we're there eating and chatting when we hear what sounds like the product of a moan, a scream, and a cry. Somewhere in the restaurant, a man obviously was experiencing something very difficult, indeed. Initially, Tracy and I looked around us, wondering if he was anywhere close by or if others heard what we did. Nope and nope.

We then proceeded to have several imaginary conversations with this guy. "You all right there, buddy?" "It's a buffet, but you don't have to eat all of it, you know." "I told you to stop at that last plate." "Put the roll down, and step away." "This potato salad is so good--I can't stop eating it!!!" "I have eaten too much, woe is me!!!" "Curse you, buffet food!!"

Good times at Golden Corral.

Overall morals of this story:
1. Eating at a buffet doesn't have to mean eating so much that you let out painful, exasperated cries.
2. True, when you go to a buffet, you want to eat your money's worth, but remember, you have to drive home afterward. Friends don't let friends drive stuffed. You don't want to get a DWS (driving while stuffed).
3. Marry someone you can laugh and do silly things with. :)

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