Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can Life Get Any Better? I Submit That It Cannot!

 On Friday, we got to see one of our favorite comedians--Brian Regan! When we found out that he was coming to Texas A&M for their First Yell (a long-running tradition to practice their yells before the first football game--yes, this really is a tradition), we knew we had to get tickets.

I don't like too many comedians. I mean I have moments when I appreciate a certain joke, but I don't necessarily like a specific comedian because most comedians use horrible language or aren't clever or mature enough not to refer inappropriately to sex or bodily functions in their acts. I can't think of anything that Brian Regan has said that made me feel uncomfortable.

However, one of Brian's jokes this past Friday started out with his suggestion that we should all get one free kill. At first that seemed very . . . uh . . . disturbing, but just hear how he says it.

Love it!!

In the university's newspaper, one of the yell leaders referred to a time when Brian Regan said he would not tell a joke he wouldn't say to his kids. Awesome! He even tells jokes his son suggests for his act: "Why aren't there anymore dinosaurs? Because they're all dead." ha.

We loved it. If you ask me real nice, I can share some of his other jokes (about dancing, the College Station airport, etc.).

For those of you who do not know Brian Regan's genius, watch these and enjoy!

An entertained, happy couple!

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  1. WE LOVE BRIAN REGAN! That's so awesome you guys got to see him!!!