Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfection for an Imperfect Couple

On July 14, 2007, I married Tracy David Wulf. Today is July 14, 2014. We have been married for 7 years.

Why is this anniversary so special? We were married on 7/14/07. Today is 7/14/14 and is our 7th anniversary. Seven and its multiples (or perhaps multiples in general--hehe) are a theme for us apparently.

Also, seven, in several religions, is considered the symbolic number of divine completion, holiness, and sanctification.

Now, I'm not saying that Tracy and I are perfect personally, nor has our marriage been perfect. But the longer we've been married, the better we seem to read each other, to read and address each other's needs, to love each other better, more selflessly. We are not done progressing, but I'm amazed how two imperfect individuals can become one and love each other completely.

It makes me wonder how we will grow by the time we reach our 14th anniversary (7/14/21).

The Wulf Pack: Created on July 14, 2007

7 years.
84 months.
364 weeks.
2,555 days.

4 moves.
2 college graduations.

3 major surgeries.
1.5 IVF cycles (long story).
2 little boys on the way...
1 happy couple

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