Friday, July 1, 2016

You Might Have Twins . . .

Nod to Jeff Foxworthy.
Although these mostly apply to the first year with twins, some still apply to me now.

- If you feel you could win most arm wrestling matches.

- If you get only 10 minutes without a baby in a 12-hour period.

- If you have had 16 or more diaper changes in one day.

- If perfect strangers ask you about your kids' conception.

- If you feel like a celebrity . . . in that you can't go anywhere without being stared at, stopped, asked a million questions, admired, complimented, and/or consoled.

- If there is no such thing as a quick errand.

- If you can't remember which baby woke you up last night. Or which baby you just changed. Or who you just fed.

- If you have to paint your kids' toe nails to make sure you don't mix them up, regardless of whether they are identical or fraternal.

- If there are bags under the bags under your eyes.

- If starting solids means wearing a hazmat suit.

- If changing diapers means wearing a hazmat suit.

- If you have two of everything and you hide things that you only have one of.

- If you coordinate your kids' outfits most days without even thinking about it.

- If you have single-handedly consumed an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 24 hours.

- If your kids giggle at each other's jokes in their own baby language.

Any others I forgot to mention? Leave yours here.

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