Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It’s spring!! We reached a scorching 75 degrees today, and I have noticed something new this week. People seem to have more skin here in Pullman, Washington—or at least more people seem to show it off here. I know I don’t live in Florida, Arizona, or California where this problem would be much, much worse, but considering the fact that I’ve lived in Provo, Utah, for the past four years, my eyes have seen more skin than all those four years combined.

As Tracy and I were walking home from WSU campus yesterday, we saw a group of girls lying out on a lawn in the middle of campus in bikinis tanning. Tracy and I looked at each other and whispered, “We not in Provo anymore! That’s for sure.”

It definitely made me conscious and actually proud of my modesty. I admit some thick tank tops or cute summer dresses are cute and a little tempting, but I know I don’t have to show off my body to feel beautiful or attractive.

What I am used to seeing in Utah. (Just kidding. It's not this bad!) I don't think it would be appropriate to post pictures of what I see on campus now. I might attract the wrong crowd. haha


  1. I know what you mean. I had serious culture shock when I went from BYU to ASU. Yikes. There are some places that I just would not want to get burned so I keep them covered up!!

  2. I have raised modest girls, that's for sure. Not that you don't got it, girls. We just like keeping somethings a mystery. Mom