Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 Reasons Why I Love Tracy

Tracy and I don't get much of a Valentine's Day this year--we will be in an airport most of the day. His grandmother died, so we are going up to Washington for the funeral and to spend some much needed time with his family.

But just because we'll be stuck in an airport with long delays, short tempers, and abundant free peanuts, we can still find and feel love (especially if you've seen Love Actually, but I have to admit that I've only seen the edited version). So, I am going to list 14 (get it? Feb. 14) reasons why I love Tracy. I hope I can keep it to only 14 reasons.

1. Tracy works so hard. He often worries about providing for me and our future family, but he is doing a fantastic job!

2. Tracy always gives me an equal share of everything. Our bowls of ice cream look identical. He is happy to share the covers (but apparently I am not). He will save the last brownie for me if I haven't had as many as he has. And he always brings home leftovers for me if he gets free food or free gifts at work or school.

3. Tracy calls me his pretty lady when I am sad. Tracy is not a man of many words when it comes to romance, or consolation, but this one phrase melts me every time. As well as "I love you," of course.

4. Tracy is frugal. I hate spending money. And Tracy hates spending money even more than I do. Although this can be annoying when I go shopping with friends or family (my mom, sisters, and/or sister-in-law, basically not the boys), I really appreciate his concern for our budget. We have saved so much money because we talk about our purchases.

5. Tracy is manly enough to blow kisses at me--occasionally even in public.

6. Tracy has promised to take me to England and wants to take me many other places. That alone makes him so amazing! Of course all this other stuff helps too!

7. Tracy is my best friend. We talk about everything. He respects me. We are equals and partners in all we do together.

8. Tracy is a great driver, unless you cut him off, have your brights on, don't use your blinker, go to fast or too slow, or aren't paying attention. Then he's a very angry, but still safe, driver.

9. Tracy loves music. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life and eternity with anyone who didn't love music as much as I do. He underestimates his talents, and he is a great musician.

10. Tracy thanks me for dinner. I think he realizes that cooking is not the easiest or most enjoyable thing for me, so he thanks me for the food I make. I'm appreciated!

11. Tracy loves to surprise me. I was a naggy spoil sport when we were engaged, and I forced him to tell me where we were going on our honeymoon. Since then he has tried his best to pay me back and prove to me that he can keep surprises a secret. When we moved from Utah to Washington, he and my mom plotted to have her come up and help us get ready, unbeknownst to me. Then this Christmas, Tracy got me a sewing machine!! Everyone was in on it but me.

12. Tracy is very eloquent. He chooses his words very carefully and often uses words that are not exactly usual in casual conversation. He rarely stutters and is confident with speaking in public. So we both love words!

13. Tracy isn't perfect. Who is? He has his flaws, and I have mine. I really don't like some of his flaws, and I am sure vice versa is true too. What I love is that fact that he is imperfect, but he is trying to do the best he can. So am I!! We can be imperfect together and help each other become the best we can be.

14. Tracy is my prince in our love story. Tracy and I have very different memories of how our love story got started. Tracy says that we met when he was telling people about a ward activity coming up. He says that when I came to the door he stuttered and fumbled over his words (See #12). He says that he knew then that he had to get to know me better. The first time I remember him was when we were playing ultimate frisbee and he tackled me! I like to say he swept me off my feet--literally. Little did I know that that playful guy at the game would be my companion, my best friend, my husband.

Happy Valentine's Day, Tracy!! I love you!!


  1. This post puts a mother's heart at ease. We love you both.

  2. Yay for the new sewing machine! That is so exciting. Now you are just going to want a limitless budget at the fabric store (except that you don't like to spend money...).

    Burke totally is the same way about making food exactly equal and giving me the last of something. He is always bringing me home free food from school but he has to sneak it onto the bus. I am grateful. :) Miss you and love you.