Monday, December 30, 2013

Online Christmas Card from the Wulfs

We Wulfs haven't been the best at taking pictures of ourselves in recent years, mostly because we haven't really changed much [physically anyway]. And printing and mailing Christmas cards did not top my priority list this year. Don't take it personally, please. We still like you. No one got a picture Christmas card from us, so here is one for all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Wulf Pack!! We wish you love, joy, and peace this holiday and always.

2013 has been very eventful for the Wulfs. Tracy has become quite the world traveler, going to London, the French Alps, and Norway this year for work. [Yes, I am keeping a running list of the places he has been without me.] He loves his job and has good friends at work. He finishes the Foundation program and receives his first assignment, which will likely last two to three years, in January. As he always has, Tracy still unofficially commentates for any and all sports games he watches, 90% of the time predicting what the commentators will say or having his own debates with the commentators.

Lacey [Isn't it custom to use third person for these things?] had two major surgeries within the first six months of 2013 for two ectopic pregnancies. She also made a difficult career choice and decided to quit her technical writing job. This year hasn't been easy for her, but luckily, she loved serving in the Young Women organization and volunteering more has given her life special meaning in other ways. She participated in NaNoWriMo and completed the challenge . . . but not the novel. Not yet anyway. She spends most of her time writing and researching, crafting little bits here and there, helping friends with their little ones, and cleaning up after Tracy. :)

Tracy and Lacey have downsized back into an apartment for probably the next two or three years. The Wulfs have big plans and high hopes for 2014, and we wish the best for all of you this coming year.

Thank you for being our wonderful friends and loving family.

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