Monday, February 2, 2009

Graduate school

Tracy has recently completed his first graduate assignment. It took him about six or seven hours to finish, but he got 90 percent on the assignment. Although he didn't get the highest grade in the class, he's happy with his work, and I think he did really well for someone who hasn't been in school for two years. Hooray for Tracy!!
Tracy is also working on submitting lab research and field work grants. Let's hope he gets those grants, because he thinks that his field work alone will cost over $3,500. Lab research will cost about $9,000 if I remember correctly (this large number is hard to forget or misremember). Ouch!


  1. Your blog is cute! Welcome to the blogging world! (Don't look at it yet because it is currently gathering dust and needs some attention this week.) Love and miss you!

  2. So cute! I love it. I am totally adding you as my friend on my blog (that way I look more popular:). Welcome to the blog world. FYI, in your email you told everyone blopspot instead of blogspot. You might want to send that email out again.

  3. Hey, way to go Lacey. Now the pressure is on for me to get a blopspot, which by the way, sounds way more fun than a blogspot.

    Love you,