Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Babies and Kids

I consider myself really good with kids. I can usually become best friends with them in a matter of minutes. With kids in my ward or kids I only see rarely, it takes a little longer to connect, but usually I still end up winning them over. It's a gift I guess. My tough little nephew Andrew, my beautiful niece MacKenzie, and my cousin Reeve's smiley daughter Sammy all seem to enjoy my company, as you can see.
But lately, I have not been able to connect with too many little kids or babies, with the exception of my cute curly-haired nephew Dominic (sorry I don't have a picture of him). I think I'm losing my touch. My young niece Idil, especially, does not seem impressed with me. She gave me the stink eye several times, which I caught perfectly with this picture. With each picture I tried to take came high-pitched pleas from me to smile with my usual playfulness with kids, but obviously to no fruition. The picture makes me laugh more than anything else. I hope my other new adorable niece Brynlee will like me.
I'm surprised how babies' personalities show up so early. I don't have kids of my own yet (and no I am not expecting at the moment), but I can already tell that if I have a baby like Idil, a baby that I just can't connect with, raising kids will be difficult. I keep wondering what my kids will be like someday, and I hope that I will be ready and able to meet all their individual needs.

At our family reunion.
At the Phoenix Zoolights.
At our family reunion.
On Christmas day.


  1. What cute kids! :)
    How is Washington? And you're moving to TX this summer?! Where in TX? We lived in Fort Worth and we LOVED it!
    Our blog address is Thanks for giving me your address!!

  2. by the way I'm Aunt Jayne and Uncle Bills daughter I wouldn't worry to much about raising kids. when you have your own it makes a huge difference. I tend to not like other peoples kids but I love my own. think about that. and take care.