Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You put what on it??

One of the many adjustments involved in marriage is getting used to each other's tastes--in decorating, in clothing, in food. For the past two years, I have been amazed at how much pepper Tracy puts on his food. With the exception of sugary foods, he puts a ton of pepper on everything. His plate is usually covered in black.

But excessive pepper isn't the only thing he does that shocked me at first.

Can you guess what this is? (Karen, you aren't allowed to give it away, because you ate this meal with us once! jk.) No, it's not taco salad. No, it's not nachos. It's baked potatoes. Can't see the potatoes? That's because on top of two large potatoes there are several layers of sour cream, cheese, (both pretty standard) ham, olives, and salsa. Yep, salsa.

By the time he's done designing this masterpiece, it weighs about a pound or a pound and a half--no joke. I admit that I have implemented olives and ham into my normal sour cream and cheese baked potato routine, but my potatoes weigh probably half or three-quarters (at most) as much as his do.

He swears that salsa is what makes baked potatoes delicious, so the brave-hearted and hearty-stomached can try this combination if you wish. I'm perfectly content with my baked potatoes how they are.

By now I'm used to it, and I set the salsa out for him. The pepper is sometimes still shocking though. I feel that it will take many years of marriage to adjust to that.


  1. my husband also puts salsa on his baked potatoes along with chili.

  2. Hey, nice tablecloth; my table is sporting the same one. Thanks mom! Bryan goes a bit over the top with the pepper as well. I used to get offended as if my cooking was so bad that he had to cover up the taste. Now I just set out the pepper and refuse to watch when he dumps it on. Boys are strange.

  3. Haha- love it! Although I would never ruin a perfectly good baked potato with salsa...ew.

    Dallin puts peanut butter on his pancakes and waffles, which I guess is actually a rather common thing to do, but I had never heard of anyone doing that until I met him, so I was weirded out by that.

    Hooray for husbands! And food. :)