Monday, April 5, 2010

Reeve Family VI March Madness

Elbow, elbow. Wrist, wrist . . . I won! I feel like a celebrity!

I won my extended family's March Madness challenge. My bracket was the least destroyed after all those crazy upsets. In addition to a pretty sweet gift card (thanks Uncle Gerry!), I get bragging rights over all (76 total people) my cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, parents, and especially my husband for a whole year! Don't worry. I'll go easy on 'em.

You might be wondering "what is her key to success? how did she know?" Well, after I publish a book about it, you can find out. (Uh, right.) Until then, I guess I could just talk about it here. I have no real strategy. Nope. None.

I chose Duke to win because I really like Coach K. (Don't be too impressed; he's the only coach I know by name, or by initial really.) I said that Georgetown (3rd seed) would lose to Ohio (14th seed) mostly because Georgetown had a player that was rude and too dramatic for my liking. Unreliable? Silly? Impractical? Perhaps, but apparently I did something right!

I love upsets, except with Duke. I like watching Duke win. I like watching teams rise to the challenge and play with everything they have, even though no one gave them even a snowball's chance in Arizona. That's what makes watching sports fun--close battles, with sometimes the underdog coming out on top.

My words of wisdom for March Madness: never underestimate the underdogs.

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  1. Shut up, you won?!? That is awesome. You are now the proud owner of some serious bragging rights!